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Construction & Engineering


A company with many years of experience, which has successfully realized projects in the CIS countries and Bali.

Why choose us?


We use optimal solutions to ensure the reliability and safety of buildings, taking into account local conditions.


We build durable, reliable, safe and quality construction at the best possible price.


We utilize innovative and environmentally friendly approaches, including the use of safe materials, solar panels, and recycling systems.


Adapt to any project conditions and requirements, attract the right resources and use all available means to achieve the best results.

International standards

For construction projects, we carry out additional research and certification, outsource to third-party specialists and follow international standards. We ensure that documentation is fully compliant with both local and international regulations.

Our approach includes careful workmanship, checking all connections, During construction, we also document the process with video and photography for quality control and accountability to clients.

Guarantee of reliability and safety

A solid foundation is the key to successful cooperation. We carefully design and competently place all engineering systems: air conditioning, ventilation, microclimate, as well as heating, water and power supply systems. All works are carried out in strict compliance with the standards, checking the relevance and correct location of all devices. We ensure that all systems are installed safely and reliably, taking into account local conditions.

Integrated approach

We are a full-service company, aiming to cover the whole range of construction works. We have our own facilities, specialists and equipment.

Recently, we have been implementing complex projects using our own resources and inviting experienced partners and contractors. This helps us to effectively cope with tasks at all stages of construction. We cooperate with reliable suppliers of sophisticated specialized construction equipment and successfully implement even the most complex and technically demanding projects.

Waterlogging protection

Bali receives a lot of rainfall during the rainy season. We install a drainage system and reinforce the creek bed to protect against waterlogging. Engineering measures and regular monitoring help us to prevent negative impacts and take timely action.

Seismic resistance and Reliability

We are located in a region with high seismic activity, so our buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes of up to 9 magnitude. We use special programs that simulate the behavior of buildings during earthquakes to make sure they are reliable and stable.

Other projects

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