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  • 01. What % does the management company charge?

    The percentage that a management company in Bali takes can depend on various factors: the type of property, the services provided by the management company, etc. Typically, the management company will take a commission ranging from 15% to 30% of the rental revenue, but exact figures may vary depending on the specific contract terms and market conditions.

  • 02. What taxes do I have to pay in Bali?

    A foreign buyer of real estate in Bali will have two standard expenses: payment of VAT at the rate of 11% of the total value, as well as payment of 1% to the notary for the registration and conduct of the transaction. If the owner will rent the property, he will need to pay tax on rental income at a rate of 10%.
    If you purchase the property from ADVA, we will take care of the 11% tax.
    According to Indonesian tax laws, foreign owners, as non-residents, are required to pay a tax of 20% on the rental income from the property. To rent out a property in Bali, a private foreign person must hand over the management to a company that acts as a tax agent. There may be ways of tax optimization through offshore models, but this is considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • 03. What is % of profitability? What will I profit from?

    You will profit from timely entry into the growing real estate market in Bali when prices are not so high and various offers are available.
    If your goal is to buy and resell, you can take advantage of the many promising projects under construction. An investment with low initial costs can yield returns of 20% to 40% between 6 months to 1 year.
    If your goal is to rent out to generate income, the options are favorable both at the construction stage and when you enter ready-made projects. 
Rental yields on average range from 12% to 16% per annum.

  • 04. Do you renew the land lease after the original agreement expires?

    When drafting a contract, the question of renewal often arises, i.e. what happens at the end of the contract. Usually this clause is at the discretion of the parties, but it is quite common for contracts to contain the phrase “priority renewal of the contract at market price”.
    If the agreement is drafted correctly and you have a priority right to extend at the end of the lease, the landowner will simply have no other options to extend the land to you.

  • 05. How long is a land lease agreement valid for?

    Long-term leases are the most popular type of transfer of ownership for foreigners in Indonesia. The market offers an average term of 25-30 years with an option to renew.

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