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ADVA DEVELOPMENT is a team of international experts with extensive experience in the development and construction of residential complexes and commercial buildings. Specializes in projects in Europe and Indonesia, and also plans to enter the market of Vietnam, South and North America. Our specialists began working on the island of Bali in 2019, and the team of Indonesian specialists and contractors has experience since 2010.


Our Guarantees

  1. All land rights have been paid for in full by the developer’s funds.
  2. The construction of the project is carried out at its own expense.
  3. The company and the sites have been verified by the largest law firms.
  4. We provide the right to any audit of all documents.
  5. All contracts are legally binding under Indonesian law. The investor is protected by installments and sees each stage of construction, makes payments according to an agreed schedule.
  6. The construction warranty is 5 years.
  7. Guaranteed income of 10% per annum for the first year from renting.
  8. All real estate is insured by the Swiss insurance company ZURICH against material damage and cataclysms.

Other projects

Our services

Architectural design

Creation of conceptual and technical designs for buildings and structures, including development of plans, drawings and models.

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Construction services

Organizing and carrying out physical works for the construction of buildings and structures in accordance with the project.

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Management Company

Start getting more value out of your property after a month of working with our property management company.

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