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Stages of the transaction

  1. Reservation

  2. Receiving of documents for review and verification

  3. Sign the contract and pay the first installment on the installment system

  4. Making payments according to schedule

  5. The object is ready. We make the last payment and registration at the notary.

  6. Start generating rental income through the management company

Tax expense

Tax support

Taxes are included in the cost of housing

Income tax

+1% for notarization of the contract

At resale, the owner

Pay income tax - 10%



All land rights have been fully paid by developer's own funds.


The project is implementing by own funds.


The company has been verified by major law firms.


We provide any verification of all documents by your side, if it is needed.


All contracts are legally binding in accordance with Indonesian law.


The investor is protected by an installment program and sees each stage of construction by making payments on an agreed schedule.


Construction warranty - 5 years.


Guaranteed income of 10% per annum during the first year from rental.


All properties are insured with the Swiss insurance company ZURICH against material damage and cataclysms.

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