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Team of architects

Our team of architects does not use template solutions, organizing the methodology from the customer’s request individually every time. The main thing is to organize an interdisciplinary team and a flexible process.

A range of services from our team of architects

  • 01. Master planning

    This section includes all activities from the blocks below. Master plan is a large document that shows the basic strategy of the territory development. With this document you know how to develop the territory in the long term, and it is also a way to attract public and private investment in the project and find partners. The composition of a master plan is much broader.
    — Data analysis and research
    — Urban planning concept
    — Master Plan
    — Financial model
    — Architectural concept
    — Marketing Concept
    — Anchor Resident Brokerage
    — Realization Roadmap

  • 02. Analytics

    Measure seven times, it's about the analytics section. We don't collect data for data, we collect data so that our conceptual decisions can be based on conclusions. You and your partners need them, as well as the bank or investor.

    — Audience analysis
    — Territory and context analysis
    — Legislative analysis
    — Competitor and reference analysis
    — Big data analysis
    — Market Capacity Analysis
    — Product and service analysis

  • 03. 3D scanning / Orthophotography

    The result of this block, are conclusions and precisely formulated design task further.
    UAV for geodesy and software allows to make an accurate 3D copy of the territory with centimeter detail on the next day after the field analysis and the first meeting. This helps to take into account the volumetric and spatial context, topography and create more accurate solutions. We can start designing from the first day of the site visit without waiting for the topographic survey.
    — Digital orthophoto
    — 3D copy of the territory

  • 04. Sociology

    Explore the needs of the customer (yes you) and your audience through in-depth interviews, analyzing with big data.

    — Questionnaires
    — In-depth interviews
    — Online surveys
    — Project sessions
    — Buying data from analysts, operators and others
    — Parsing data from social networks

  • 05. Architecture

    Architecture and Urban Planning includes all sections of the conceptual design and AR, as well as the development of the Master Plan.

    — Master Plan
    — Functional zoning
    — Interior solutions
    — Plans/facades/sections/drawings/layouts
    — Visualization
    — Description of engineering solutions

  • 06. Marketing and Branding

    Forming a point on the map, you need to name it and form a visual language of communication.

    — Brand name
    — Logo and branding
    — Competitive positioning
    — Communication concept
    — Corporate identity
    — Project presentation
    — Design code

  • 07. Investment document

    Model preparation as part of:

    Parameters Revenues

    • Parameters Expenses
    • Investment parameters

    • Parameters Financing

    • Parameters Taxes


Reporting sheets :

    • Profit

    • ODDS

    • Return on investment

    • Investment Analysis

    • Profit centers

    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Summary

    Explanatory note in approximate composition:

    • Project concept

    • Technical characteristics

    • Market description
• Market volume

    • Market dynamics

    • Investment plan

    • Investment structure
• Project schedule

    • Sales plan

    • Pricing

    • Sales volume in physical terms
• Sales volume in monetary terms

    • Cost plan

    • Variable costs

    • Fixed costs

    • Conclusions

  • 08. Partners and residents

    We recommend engaging future audiences in the project and customizing solutions at the outset.

  • 09. Author's supervision

    We work on the initial phase followed by careful handover to the rest of the project contractor.

  • 10. Tactical urbanism/quick wins

    Test costly capital solutions through pop-up events and analyze results.

  • 11. Digital product

    Translation results
    Not all territorial tasks are solved by pouring concrete, sometimes you need to make: a website, a chatbot, a telegram channel, an app or a whole meta-universe (yes, we are testing this right now too). We have experience in developing digital products for startups.
    Forming a point on the map, you need to name it and form a visual language of communication.
 — Brand name — Logo and branding — Competitive positioning - Communication concept

After the meeting, you receive the document:

Composition of works and cost


The detailed composition of the work will help you understand what will be the result. You will be able to see what the price consists of, as well as comment and request clarification of each item.

Composition and description of the project team


The Chief Architect forms and brings together experts from different disciplines to solve your problem. You will know who is responsible for which section. You also have the option of conducting a follow-up interview with each person responsible for a section to clarify details or confirm expertise.



Gantt chart, will answer the question about the phasing and timing of the project. You will visually see which stage follows which one, deadlines by days and days when we synchronize with you.

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